Tekere slams use of foreign currency


    The former Zanu-PF secretary general and cabinet minister said the use of foreign currency only in Zimbabwe amounted to mortgaging the country’s sovereignty, which President Mugabe was so obsessed with in the past years.

    Tekere told journalists attending Press Freedom Day commemorations held in the eastern border city of Mutare at the weekend that the world over Zimbabwe was among the first countries without its own currency.

    Tekere said, “I have studied economics- and you can also come to me for advice on economic issues- but I have to admit that this is one of its kind the world over. I have never heard of a country without its own currency.

    Where is the sovereignty, which (President) Mugabe used to talk about now that we are using the currency from US a country that we used to despise before? I am not trying to be cynical but this is one real issue, which we need to addressed.

    “Today we have lost our own currency, who knows tomorrow it might be our flag then our national anthem. Where has our sovereignty gone?”

    The inclusive government of President Mugabe and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has since decided that the Zimbabwe dollar should only be reintroduced when industrial output reaches about 60 percent of capacity from the current 20 percent average.

    Tekere said while it was also his wish to see the inclusive government succeed it was unlikely for the to receive the much-needed financial help from the international community as long as Mugabe was at the helm of the government.

    Tekere said this as the inclusive government, formed by Zanu PF and the three MDC formations struggles to attack financial assistance particularly from the Western countries.

    United States of America has already vowed that it would not support the new government until real changes have been witnessed in the country.