Villagers victims of fake currency


    Speaking to a Radio station VOP on Saturday, villagers from areas such as Jichidza, Ndanga and Gunguwo said they were receiving fake US$ notes and had  resorted to barter trading.

    “We are now afraid to get money from people who are coming here to buy our farm products. We were getting fake money unknowingly especially large notes such as US$ 100 and US$ 50 notes are giving us tough time because they are not familiar to us," said Jemson Chipato who stays near Gunguwo Primary School.

    “As solution to this problem, we agreed not to accept money these days unless one is very confident about the person who comes with the money."

    The villagers however said they were desperate for cash  to pay school fees.

    “We do not know what we are going to do in order to get school fees for the second term. Most of us here are not able to detect fake money so we are definitely going to have access to cash for our school fees,” said Passmore Goronga. A survey by the Radio station in many areas showed that the problem was not confined to Zaka alone but to other rural areas too.

    Scores of people in Chivi and Gutu districts reported that they were also witnessing fake notes in their areas.

    Zimbabwe recently abandoned its currency opting for the use of multiple foreign currencies, chief among them, the USD in order to curb inflation that had reached world record levels, making the Zimbabwe dollar worthless.