Give Zimbabwe A Chance – Phosa

Speaking to international investors in London, Phosa said the new ANC-led government would continue to support Zimbabwe to ensure the success of the multi-party government in that country.

"We will continue to support the Zimbabwean process to ensure that there is normalisation and democratisation in Zimbabwe. We need to continue to support the sensitive aspect of life in Zimbabwe as it affects people. For example, health affects the economy of Zimbabwe," Phosa said on Saturday.

On Thursday in London, Phosa told the Royal African Society that the government of ANC president Jacob Zuma had an ambitious delivery plan aimed at addressing challenges in housing, energy, health, education and public infrastructure.

"Our policy will be to create additional revenue to partly fund the programmes aimed at dramatically boosting the infrastructure in the sectors mentioned.

"There are also opportunities for global businesses to bring the best in technology, knowledge and business acumen to our shores," Phosa said at the time.

Earlier, on April 15, Phosa told the Cape Town Press Club that the ANC had made mistakes about public service deployment, black economic empowerment and land reform that must be corrected after the elections. – Sapa