Tear Gas At Sports Diner


    The night club closes at 5 am in Harare and is among the most popular right now due to its US$1 price for clear beer and US$0.50 for soft drinks.

    There were scenes of people crying after some thugs had dashed into the club, running away from the ZRP at around midnight.

    They had stolen some goods in a Harare shop but it could not be established which shop it was. They had apparently hidden the goods somewhere and had been chased by the three ZRP officials.

    However the ZRP then threw tear gas into the club and revelers had to cover their noses with their hands while the ordeal lasted for about two hours.

    Three women had to be rushed to The Avenues Clinic after collapsing in the night club.

    The ZRP, three in number, refused to comment saying the thieves were armed and that is why they had to use tear gas on them.

    However, some revelers have threatened to take the ZRP to court for breaching their peace.

    The incident has raised eyebrows from the drinking public who wondered why the ZRP had to use tear gas.

    They said the ZRP should have just closed in on the thieves and not caused so much mayhem at The Sports Diner Restaurant.