Improvement of country's infrastructure critical – Minister

Mrs Makone, who is also the Minister of Public Works, said improvement of the country’s infrastructure is critical as it demonstrates the level of development which is a sure way to attract investors and visitors.

Some of the responsibilities of the cluster team include the upgrading of the country’s road network, facilitating the completion of government dams and construction projects, restoration of civil servants’ morale and uplifting of the major cities.

Patching of pot holes has since begun along some of the country’s major roads while efforts are being made towards the completion of government’s major projects.

Some of the projects include the upgrading of Lupane, Zvishavane, Harare and Mpilo hospitals as well as the construction of the Kunzvi dam.

The country’s infrastructure has deteriorated over the past few years due to the illegal sanctions imposed by the west, forcing government under its short term emergency recovery programme to prioritize the rehabilitation of the national infrastructure.