RBZ Employees Stay Away From Work

It is reliably understood that last week RBZ’s Transport division wrote to senior managers informing them that they should surrender their cars. The Division is charged to get 100 cars.

Two weeks earlier the bank had taken 50 cars mostly from the pool section and other divisions. The cars were given to MPs.

A senior manager at RBZ told Radiovop that some managers did not turn up for work. “Most heads didn’t come today because they fear the cars could be taken away from them,” a source said.

Sources said employees have vowed to hold onto to the cars arguing that they are entitled to use the cars. They say RBZ was flouting their contractual obligations, sources said Monday.

Early this month, RBZ governor Gideon Gono, said the bank would give MPs cars for use in their constituencies. The cars would be returned once Treasury finds money to buy the cars.

But Gono’s move sparked an outcry from Finance Minister Tendai Biti, who said the central bank was acting unlawfully. Biti ordered that cars should be surrendered to the ministry of Finance.