Zanu (PF) Scared of Election?

To safeguard the movement towards the election, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) would rather stay in the GNU and work with Zanu (PF) to stabilise life for Zimbabweans, economically and socially.

Unfortunately this is seen as being done at the expense of MDC activists and Zimbabweans crying for justice and clamouring for the arrest and prosecution of those who perpetrated violence and those who corruptly misappropriated the country’s resources and are currently protected by the violent parallel power structure that Mugabe is stubbornly protecting.

The MDC, being a peaceful political party, only has the people’s vote, the people’s power to defeat Zanu (PF) which, as Senator Roy Bennett said, no amount of persecution can stop an idea whose time has come.

"These people think they can stop change by refusing to swear me into office. But no one can ever go against the people and God and hope to succeed,” said Senator Bennett at an MDC rally at the weekend.

Zanu (PF) cannot, despite claiming to be the ruling party, and exploiting state resources for its own political survival, in violation of the Unity principles, muster any such rally in any urban area, unless it buses people from all over the country, as it has been known to do.

Zimbabweans, the Southern African leaders and African Union leaders and the world community are now well aware of Zanu (PF)’s resort to violence when facing defeat in elections, and are keeping a hawk’s eye on what is going on in the country.

The ongoing persecution of human rights activists and opposition activists like senator Senator Bennett, who is still the subject of Mugabe’s violation of the unity agreement by being denied his office as deputy minister of agriculture, are not going unnoticed.

“All the persecution I have suffered is unwarranted and an attempt to stop the winds of change," said Senator Bennett, adding that nothing could stop the winds of change, not his persecution nor the election-related violence meted out to Zimbabweans across the country.

“Zanu PF is scared of the people going to vote. The only thing that can defeat Zanu PF is the X. No amount of persecution can stop an idea whose time has come.

"These people think they can stop change by refusing to swear me into office. But no one can ever go against the people and God and hope to succeed,” he said.

The MDC President, Morgan Tsvangirai said he was concerned about the outstanding issues that are affecting the inclusive government, but he told supporters the MDC’s 10th anniversary celebrations in Mashonaland West that there would be no going back on the inclusive government.

"There’s no reverse on the inclusive government, he said, adding that there would be insults, "but we will get there. We have one project, which is the inclusive government.

"It has specific policies and specific targets, which is to pull this country out of the quagmire," said Tsvangirai, adding that he and Robert Mugabe respected each other, despite disagreement on some issues.

"There’s nothing Mugabe does without me approving and there is nothing I do without him approving," he said, adding that there were, however some challenges facing the GNU, including the appointments of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, the Attorney-General, ambassadors and permanent secretaries and the swearing of Senator Bennett.

Political detainees, such as Gandhi Mudzingwa, who was Tsvangirai’s former personal aide and Chris Dhlamini, the MDC head of security and the the lawlessness on the farms were also some other challenges which Tsvangirai hoped would be overcome soon, but he urged supporters not to take the law into their own hands, lest they become indistinguishable from Zanu (PF) supporters.

Police and soldiers who were fuelling the situation needed training in human rights issues in order for them to conduct their duties professionally, said Tsvangirai before paying tribute to the MDC activists who spent three months in custody.

They included MDC Mashonaland West provincial, chairperson, Concilia Chinanzvavana, and her husband, Manuel Chinanzvavana, Violet Mupfuranhewe and her husband Collen Mutemangau and their two year-old son, Nigel Mutemangau.

“They are the true cadres of the nation. We salute you because without your sacrifices, the MDC would not be what it is today,” said Tsvangirai.

Senior MDC leaders, including national chairman, Lovemore Moyo, national organising secretary, Elias Mudzuri and the secretary for information and publicity, Nelson Chamisa, who is also the Member of the House of Assembly (MHP) for Kuwadzana East in Harare, accompanied Tsvamngirai.