Mudede spreads his rigging skills

It is a plough that has two dishes and fashioned in such a manner that it takes a portion taken by two standard ploughs.

Mudede said he invented the plough following shortages of fuel for tractors in the past season although farmers had cattle to use as draught power.

He said the plough which has undergone tests, is expected to be manufactured soon.

Mudede said a local engineering company has agreed to embark on the production of the plough.

Asked for comment, a prominent opposition politician laughed off the latest effort to rig for a new legacy by a man well known to be behind Robert Mugabe’s years of continued dictatorship. 

"I’m sure many now hope Mudede finds this interesting and becomes his new job for life – inventing things, not votes", said the opposition official in a joke to our reporter. 

The controversial Registrar has been the country’s Registrar-General since independence, a feat many would struggle to take.