MDC Worried About Inclusive Government – Statement

In a statement it said: “The MDC is deeply worried by the continued delay in resolving the pertinent but outstanding issues, which should have been resolved soon after the formation of the inclusive government on February 13 2009. However, 70 days after the formation of the inclusive government, a fully constituted government has not been put in place thereby rendering the inclusive government not fully functional.”

This week, the principals Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, President Robert Mugabe and deputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara, met three times to resolve the sticking points to the GPA but failed to reach an agreement.

The MDC said critical issues that needed to be urgently resolved include the appointments of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, the Attorney-General, provincial governors, ambassadors and permanent secretaries.

It added that also outstanding was the issue of the re-arresting of senior MDC officials Ghandi Mudzingwa, a former aide to Tsvangirai and Chris Dhlamini as well as the swearing-in of Senator Roy Bennett as the deputy Agriculture Minister and the seizure of the telecommunications department by Mugabe from the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology headed by MDC’s Nelson Chamisa.

“Failure to resolve the outstanding issues means that the GPA and the inclusive government have not been fully consummated. It means we have a hung and handicapped government without consensus on its bureaucracy because of the dispute over permanent secretaries as well as the swearing-in of Senator Bennett as the deputy minister of Agriculture to enable him to officially assume his duties. One cannot be half-pregnant. We cannot have a half-government and only a resolution of the sticking points will lead to a fully constituted inclusive government,” it said.

“We believe as a party that brazen acts of unilateralism, unbridled stubbornness, politically motivated chaos on the farms and the failure to take decisive action on the outstanding issues pose a real threat to the life and health of the inclusive government.”

The MDC said it hoped that when the principals meet again on the Monday, the outstanding issues would be brought to finality and the inclusive government would start to move in one direction for the good of the country.

“The people of Zimbabwe urgently need a fully constituted government in place. The people of Zimbabwe do not want half-measures. They want finality and closure to all outstanding issues so that the inclusive government begins to address critical issues such as health, education, human rights, food security and the issue of a new, people-driven Constitution,” it said.