Mutambara blasts Goche

Speaking on a wide range of issues at a tour of the province on Thursday, Mutambara said Goche wants to rip off motorists in roads which are in a bad state.“You do not milk people on roads with potholes. You do not do that. You have to fix the roads first.

They are meant to attract money so that we can fix our broke country,” Mutambara said. “Goche made that announcement and quickly retracted it. There has to be partners who develop the roads and then we take away the tender after a few years,” he said.

On an another issue, Mutambara challenged President Mugabe over the criteria used in determining national heroes. “Heroes will always be heroes even if they fell out of favour with President Mugabe,” Mutambara said.

He also challenged Zimbabweans over the meaning of sovereignty, saying it is not about ownership only, but the delivery of services. “Sovereignty is an over-used word which we need to re-think its definition. It is not about ownership, but delivery of services. There is regional sovereignty, global sovereignty, and we have to give a part of our sovereignty to gain regional and global sovereignty.”

“We must re-brand our image and our past…We need a shared vision so that we can work for thecommon goal,” said Mutambara. He also had a meeting with the business community ad assured them that the two Movement for Democratic change (MDC) parties were committed to upholding the September 15 Global Political Agreement (GPA), although ZANU PF’s role was "dubious".