Zimbabwe Needs Re-branding – German Ambassador

Dr Conze, who was speaking to press during the sidelines of a Germany society meeting in Harare, said: “For this re-branding drive to succeed the country needs  to generate  a  positive story first. You cannot have one person talking of the re-branding of the country’s image and at the same time there are reports of fresh farm invasions. We have always told Zimbabweans that the international community is sensitive to human and property rights and respect.”

He said he had however noticed visible progress so far of the government of national unity.

“We have always said we are not here to change Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans should change their own country through home grown solutions. As the international community we can only give advice and Zimbabweans should determine their own destiny,” he added.

To show its commitment and support to the inclusive government Germany on Monday announced its decision to lift travel warnings from its citizens, a move which was likely to increases the number of Germany tourists in the country.

Germany  is one  of the European countries including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and United Nations which on  March 20 in Washington, D.C.met to discuss how best to support the people of Zimbabwe after the  formation of the  inclusive  government.At the meeting these countries and institutions agreed to work with Zimbabwe and wrote a statement on the recommendations.

“We commend the reform efforts undertaken by the transition government and the progress achieved to date towards these goals. We urge the government to take additional steps to demonstrate its commitment to reform such as the immediate release of all political prisoners, the end of farm seizures, the cessation of politically-motivated violence, the establishment of a credible and transparent Central Bank team, an end to harassment and intimidation of the media, and a commitment to credible elections in a timely manner. Provided positive developments in regards to these political and economic reforms, the donor community is ready to support Zimbabwe ’s rebuilding with development assistance,” reads  part of the  statement.