Jonathan Moyo confirms his "love" for Zanu PF

Prof Moyo told members of the Bulawayo Press Club recently that he agreed with Zanu PF policies and ideologies and did not agree with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which he claimed was an appendage of British interests of regime change in Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe has in the past referred to the MDC pary as a stooge of the West.
Moyo is responsible for destroying Zimbabwe’s media by introducing repressive media laws that saw newspapers clsosing down and many journalists losing their jobs. He is also believed to have helped in propping Mugabe up during the 2002 presidential election through propaganda he churned out using the state owned media. Moyo however fell out of favour with Zanu PF after allegations of trying to stage a coup in the party.

"We might have differencies over actions of certain people but not a fallout on principles and policies. You thefore must appreciate that on a number of issues I will be close to Zanu PF," Prof Moyo said in a surprise confession. "However, I have difficulties in associating myself with what the MDC says it stands for," he added.

Prof Moyo said the idea of rule of law and democratic change that MDC says it stood for was a British idea. "They are mere recipients or subjects. I hate the idea," he said. This is despite the fact that Prof Moyo was largely aided by MDC T when he appeared to lose ground to MDC M in his constituency in the run up to the 2008 March elections. The MDC T provided him with vehicles and campaign material.

This was also confirmed by MDC T spokesman, Nelson Chamisa after the elections.