Zimbabwe's Leaders Resume Talks

On Tuesday the three leaders met to discuss the hot issues.

"The meeting was adjourned to Thursday where outstanding issues will be tabled," said MDC on its official website.

Among contentious issues are the re-appointment of the Reserve Bank Governor, a post currently being held by the controversial Gideon Gono and the Attorney General which is currently held by Johannes Tomana.

The two MDC faction leaders are arguing that the two appointments made by Mugabe were against the power sharing deal brokered last September by the Southern African Development Community through former South African President Thabo Mbeki.

Mugabe also altered the Ministry of Technology held by Nelson Chamisa of the MDC, by stripping its powers and handing it over to Transport Minister Nicholas Goche.

"The Executive Committee also known as the Top Six, comprising President Robert Mugabe, his two Deputies, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his two Deputies met yesterday 20 April 2009 to discuss the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and its legal implications pertaining to outstanding issues.

Ministers Welshman Ncube and Emmerson Mnangagwa representing the Chief GPA Negotiators took the Principals through the paces in an exercise described as fruitful and insightful thus putting to rest information making the rounds that Chief Mediator Thabo Mbeki had been invited to Zimbabwe to mediate.

The Principals only resort to mediation in the event of a stalemate and in this case no stalemate was declared," said the MDC on Wednesday.

"It  was made categorical by the Ministers that none of the Principals had the unilateral power to alter or vary mandates of Ministries without the consent of the other two Principals and that the appointment of Permanent Secretaries and Ambassadors could only be dispensed with through a process of negotiation.