MDC-T Spokesperson savages accusations MDC Alliance plagiarised SA Constitution

MDC-T Acting Spokesman Thabitha Khumalo

Speaking to State media, MDC-T spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo said it is not a bad idea to copy the South African Constitution. She was responding to reports MDC Alliance plagiarised Section 2.11 of the South African Constitution, which it presented in its manifesto as Chapter 10.

Khulamo said although she was yet read the MDC Alliance manifesto, there was nothing wrong about learning from other people. She added that they consulted a number of people before writing the manifesto. Said Khumalo:

I have not had the opportunity of reading it through out at the moment but I do not think there is anything wrong about that. We need to use benchmarks. I do not think that is bad idea. We learn from other people. When we do manifesto we need to consult far and wide.

We are unique country. We break all records. We have to find solutions on how other countries have done it and cross pollinate. Is that wrong to share notes?

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