Mutambara urges the West to speak good about Zimbabwe

He was speaking at a meeting with the Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr John Courtney in Harare yesterday.

Professor Mutambara explained that the inclusive government is working hard to revamp the national economy and called those who are willing to partner with Zimbabwe on the economic recovery path to come on board.

He also called on those assisting in the humanitarian sector to expand their humanitarian assistance and include salaries for workers in vital social services to ensure delivery of vital services to the general populace.

He said private investors in the areas of energy and power generation and water and sewage reticulation are also welcome to ensure that such essential services are not disrupted in future.

Mr Courtney congratulated the government for the ground it has covered in the economic sphere in the two months.

He said Australian business people are aware of the vast opportunities in Zimbabwe and that they will come when what he called “the environment is ready.”

Zimbabwe and Australia have had good relations in the past but the ties turned sour when Australia decided to take sides with Britain in the bilateral Zimbabwe-Britain land dispute which began in the year 2000.

The bad blood between Zimbabwe and Australia in recent because of the land reform saw Australia imposing sanctions against Zimbabwe, the politicisation of cricket, and the deportation of some Zimbabwean students from Australia some two years ago.

Several Australian companies including BHP also pulled out of Zimbabwe because of the dispute.

Australia like most of her European allies, has adopted a wait-and-see attitude since the inception of the inclusive government.