Mliswa at it again

Cde Mliswa

Cde Mliswa

Noah Pito
FORMER Mashonaland West Zanu-PF provincial chairman Cde Temba Mliswa on Saturday disrupted an inter-district meeting at Karoi Country Club — where he accused acting provincial chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi of unnecessarily causing his arrest over trumped up firearms charges.

A fired up Mliswa claimed Cde Ziyambi was abusing his ministerial post as Deputy Minister of Home Affairs to cause his arrest. Cde Mliswa is out on US$200 bail on charges of illegally possessing firearms.

The embattled Mliswa first ranted when Cde Keith Guzah (acting Mashonaland West vice chair) introduced Cde Ziyambi as Mashonaland West Zanu-PF Provincial chair. Infuriated by that, Cde Mliswa interjected claiming: “He is not the provincial chair, he (Keith Guzah) is misrepresenting facts.

“He knows the truth.”

All hell broke loose when Cde Ziyambi took to the podium addressing people and urging them to unite.

He condemned some cadres in the Zanu-PF party who had been dropped from the party hierarchy for being party of “the cabal that is plotting to assassinate President Mugabe.”

Claimed Cde Mliswa: “You are saying pamberi nekubatana when you are not acting by example.

“Tell the people the truth, you are in fact destroying the party, tiri kubatana here kana muri kuuraya musangano sezvamuri kuita izvi?
“Ziyambi you are making me arrested over firearms charges. You are making me suffer over guns.

“Which guns, be clear? Ndimi murikuuraya musangano. Ziyambi Ziyambi is not the Mash West provincial chair, neither is Guzah his substantive deputy.” Cde Mliswa furiously charged towards Cde Guza, who was facilitating the meeting, as some party supporters tried to restrain him from moving towards the high table.

Following the altercation, Cdes Ziyambi and Guzah left the place although they were later seen chatting to some party advisers outside the building for a few minutes.

Cde Mliswa was also seen being advised by some party supporters soon after the fiasco. Zanu-PF Central committee members Phone Madiro, Peter Chanetsa,  Hurungwe MP Goodluck Kwaramba, Godfrey Beremauro and Stella Boni also attended the ceremony.

Cde Mliswa has disrupted a number of party meetings in the province as he fight the decision to fire him as provincial chairman.