MDC Has Not Adopted Quiet Diplomacy – By Senator Obert Gutu

Recent events in Zimbabwe have not helped matters either. The continued and unabated land invasions have lent credence to the argument that the new all-inclusive government is pretty powerless when it comes to matters pertaining to the observance and enforcement of the rule of law and the protection of private property rights 

The apparently illegal and thoroughly provocative demotion of the young and firebrand Nelson Chamisa by Robert Mugabe has solidified the notion that the die-hard elements in ZANU(PF) are hell bent on ensuring that the new political dispensation collapses.

Let me remind the readers that the course of history cannot be reversed. Dialectical materialism essentially entails that the old inevitably collapses and mutates into the new. Put alternatively; one cannot successfully resist the inevitable forces that dictate that human life moves forwards instead of into reverse gear. Believe it or not, post February 13, 2009, Zimbabwe’s political landscape will never be the same again. The days of ZANU (PF) political hegemony are over. Yes; they are over. Completely.

It would be wishful thinking for people to imagine that the all-inclusive government has no mortal enemies amongst some well-placed people who used to benefit, corruptly, from the mayhem and virtual anarchy that obtained prior to the formation of the new government in February 2009.

There are people who are scheming, day and night, for the collapse of the all-inclusive government. The MDC – a party of excellence – is a very smart party; with some top-notch intelligence mechanisms.

We are aware of the people who will leave no stone unturned in sabotaging the noble intentions of those of us who are genuinely interested in extricating our motherland from the abyss of political polarisation as well as from the hell hole of socio-economic deprivation.

There are dark forces out there that are not wasting any opportunity to throw a spanner into the works and thus ensure that the new government becomes hopelessly unoperational, eventually leading to its ultimate collapse.

These are the people who cannot accept the simple fact that on March 29, 2009 the majority of the voters voted for change and also that they chose Morgan Tsvangirai as their leader. We know that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will pretend to be compassionate and caring people. They will shed crocodile tears and put up a dramatic acting appearance that will leave Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington green with envy.

As I have already stated, the MDC is not a naive political party. We are capable of deducing good from bad; God from Lucifer.

The argument has been put forward by some writers and political commentators that the MDC has since adopted the policy of ”quiet diplomacy” – Thabo Mbeki style. We are being blamed for not crying out loudly against the obvious and apparent violations of the global political agreement (GPA) such as the two examples that I have referred to above.

Unfortunately and with due respect, this argument is premised on the assumption that the leadership of the MDC is no longer concerned by the total observance of the terms and conditions of the GPA simply because we are now part of government and some of our colleagues are now driving Mercedes Benz limousines accompanied by the usual trappings of power.

This argument is as fallacious as it is ludicrous. We did not enter into the all-inclusive government to get posh cars and the other perks of high office. Some of us feel pretty insulted if it is argued that we no longer care about the plight of the majority of the people simply because we are now legislators and some of us have been appointed ministers.

For the record, many MDC politicians, and that includes myself, long acquired our own Mercedes Benz vehicles long before the all-inclusive government was formed. We joined this struggle because we love Zimbabwe and we could not just stand by and watch whilst our beloved motherland burnt to ashes.

Although we could easily have escaped into the relative ”comfort” of the Diaspora, there are those of us who chose to fight on the home front; literally taking the bull by the horns. And we do not at all regret taking this decision.

The leadership of the MDC is acutely alive to the concerns of the people regarding the outstanding issues relating to the GPA. Within the next few days, people will start to appreciate that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his team have always been aware of the need to complete the unfinished business of the GPA.

We should understand that Prime Minister Tsvangirai has had an unfortunate spat of family tragedies recently and quite honestly, we should give our leader the benefit of the doubt. Prime Minister Tsvangirai is a very humble man who is genuinely concerned about the continued suffering of the majority of the people. I know him and this is why I am making these bold statements of the kind of man that he is.

The recent farm invasions should be seen in their proper context. The MDC does not condone these acts of thuggery and lawlessness. Finance Minister Tendai Biti recently publicly stated that we cannot dream of attracting outside help and financial assistance when farms are being invaded and innocent farmers and their workers are being arrested and locked up wily nilly.

Better still, we cannot cry out loudly for the lifting of ”sanctions” when we continue to behave as if the whole world owes Zimbabwe a favour. If we are unable to change our wayward and renegade conduct of running affairs of State we might as well forget about obtaining a bail-out package from those countries that have got the money.

Surely, we cannot continue to indicate left whilst we always turn right. We should learn to walk the talk and also to talk the walk. Zimbabwe continues to be steeped in severe and serious political and socio-economic challenges and we cannot say to the world….give us your money and lift the ”sanctions” when we haven’t reformed from our renegade and rogue ways.

In the same breath, I humbly urge my compatriots to be patient and to appreciate that the all-inclusive government is not the most ideal form of government that Zimbabwe should have. But then we all know the history behind its formation and it shall not be the agenda of this writer to seek to open old wounds. Suffice to re-state that ZANU (PF) is mortally wounded and that only a miracle will save it from total political annihilation come the next general elections.

I have already alluded to the unlawful and provocative demotion of Minister Chamisa. People can be assured that we are all extremely concerned about this thoroughly illegal and provocative action by ZANU(PF) and our leaders are now fully seized with this matter. Nothing will be left to chance.

The MDC is not going to take any prisoners! We know that we are dealing with a cunning animal and we will always sleep with at least one eye open. Hazvidi hope.

Going forward, in the unlikely event that the all-inclusive government collapses, then people should always be able to deduce that the MDC will not be to blame for such a collapse. Change is inevitable in Zimbabwe. Whether or not the so-called securocrats like it or not, the MDC, led by Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, is here to stay. Even God is on our side.

The MDC has not adopted Mbeki’s so-called ”quiet diplomacy”. Watch this space!