Son Of Top MDC Official Sexually Abused

The maid is being held at Highlands Police following her arrest and is expected to appear at the Harare Magistrates Court on charges of indecent assault and rape.

The wife of the official lodged a complaint with the police after discovering their son had developed warts. She took the son to the doctor, who confirmed the boy had been sexually abused leading her to lodge a a report.

On being quizzed by the police the maid said she had resorted to “sleeping” with the minor in bid to "fix her" employer who had not paid her for the last five months.

The Highlands based top MDC official was Morgan Tsvangirai’s election agent in the disputed March elections. Meanwhile, in another development more than 50 MDC-T Members of Parliament face disciplinary action after they took delivery of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe vehicles.

In a statement, party spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said the MDC-T national executive and national council would meet soon to decide the fate of those MPs who took possession of the vehicles.

Chamisa said while his party acknowledged that parliamentarians’ important role and the need for mobility, matters relating to vehicle ownership should be handled through the Vehicle Loan Scheme put in place by Parliament and government.

“We have not heard that Parliament is no longer handling this scheme to the extent that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe could once again become a central player in the dishing out and distributing largesse when the government is now agreed that the central bank should engage in quasi-fiscal activities,” Chamisa said.

“It is disturbing to note that the RBZ continues to be abused and abuse itself by continuing to engage itself in quasi-fiscal operations when such operations should migrate to government through the Ministry of Finance.

Engaging in distribution capital products is in itself a quasi-fiscal activity,” Chamisa added.