Indian Christians protest

NEW DELHI. — India’s minority Christians yesterday held a protest over the recent spate of attacks on churches in the national capital, but were detained by police for holding the demonstration without permission.

The protesters, who gathered outside the Sacred Heart cathedral in the central part of New Delhi, claimed that at least five churches had been attacked in the Indian capital since December, with the latest being the St Alphons’s Church in south Delhi earlier this week.

They held placards and chanted “We want justice” and “Stop violence against Christians.”

According to Delhi’s Archbishop Anil JT Couto, a “clear pattern of orchestrated attacks” has been emerging as more and more churches are targeted, vandalised and set on fire.

However, the police detained the protesters, forced them into buses and took them to a nearby police station, saying the protest was unlawful and blocked traffic.

“We have detained people on the road and we are taking them to the police station. They had no permission to protest there,” Mukesh Kumar Meena, a senior officer, told media. — Xinhua.