ZIMBABWE’S top female junior BMX rider Rebecca Oberholzer is confident of clinching the top prize at the world championships scheduled for World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, from June 3 to 8.


The 10-year-old BMX starlet is one of the brightest prospects, having already collected a number of accolades.

“My main aim is to reach the top eight because that’s where the finalists are drawn and last year I finished 16 out of 82 and that wasn’t bad and as for this year I know I am going to reach the finals given that I have been training very hard,” she said.

“This is my fifth time participating at this tournament and over the years I have grown in confidence. I know it will be tough but I am excited that I am going to represent my country at this big race.”

Rebecca’s mother Samantha said she was very proud of her daughter who is standing up to participants from well-resourced countries and the super powers of the sport.

“I am proud of her, she is a fighter and given her age I think she has managed to take the world by surprise. Given the limited resources that we have compared to other nations like Australia United States, I think she has managed to do well for her country and her aim is to qualify for the Olympics, “she said
Zimbabwe has already named a 11-member BMX team which is set to participate at this year’s edition.

The team includes the Oberholzer siblings, Ben and Rebecca who are Zimbabwe’s silverware hopefuls.