"Get used to calling him President Zuma" – Malema urges Zuma's "enemies"

Malema warned: "Don’t provoke us, it is us (ANC) who brought the nonsensical apartheid regime down. No opposition (party) will ever defeat the ANC. We want them all to combine so we can defeat them," Malema said in Cape Town to cheers from his supporters.

In flippant mode, Malema said the ANC was tired of a two-thirds majority and would aim for a "three-thirds" majority, adding that those opposed to the ANC were suffering from "serious illnesses" and were in for a shock when the election results were announced.

He said Zuma’s ascendancy to the presidency was guaranteed and those who were still opposed to him had to snap back into reality. "For those of you saying Zuma should not be president, (you) are daydreaming… He will be the best ever president of the Republic."

Malema also said the DA’s plan to institute a private prosecution of Zuma, following the NPA’s ruling that it would not pursue charges against him, would be futile. "Champions of the constitution should support the NPA’s decision. This is not the first time it has decided to drop charges. It happens every day," he said.