NCA Launches Campaign To Reject Proposed Constitution

Launching the civic organisation’s “No Vote” to what he termed “a parliamentary driven process”, NCA chairman, Dr Lovemore Madhuku warned the opposition leader not to lend his weight to what he termed “a defective process” which, he says, will give Zimbabweans a worse constitution than the one President Mugabe’ wanted in 2000.


“If the politicians insist on imposing a new constitution driven entirely by themselves to suit their interests, then we are bracing for a serious fight.

“Politicians must never decide for the people. The process must be people driven. (Prime Minister) Tsvangirai must take heed. Why is Zanu (PF) in the background? He must realize that Zanu (PF) wants to us, the NCA to be against the MDC.

“The NCA is ready for a 2nd rejection of a default constitution. (President) Mugabe has had his NO vote.

(Prime Minister) Tsvangirai must not be mistaken to believe he is so popular that he can add his weight to this defective process which is even worse than (President) Mugabe’s 2000 Trojan horse,” he told a media briefing.

He said Zimbabweans would only endorse a constitution that is “people driven” and run by an independent body that encompasses all stakeholders and not the proposed process which will be entirely run from parliament.

Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo on Sunday announced a 25 member Standing Committee, exclusively from the three political parties to Zimbabwe’s two month inclusive government to oversee the formulation and endorsement of a new constitution within 18 months.

The NCA is also opposed to the process where the Standing committee will form sub-committees where ordinary Zimbabweans may input their opinions.

“We do not hate parliament. We do not hate political parties. They are as much stakeholders as anybody else. But it is important to remember that MPs are in essence loyalists and we question why out of more than 300 MPs only 25, some of them members of the executive, should decide what constitution will prevail. We are very much aware that our politicians want to impose the secret Kariba Declaration on Zimbabweans,” said Dr Madhuku.

The Kariba Declaration is a draft constitution that was produced by legal teams from the present inclusive government’s three political parties-Zanu (PF), MDC (T) and MDC in 2007.

The NCA has proposed the setting up an independent constitutional commission, chaired by a respected judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Wilson Sandura.