Power FM Reinstates DJ's

Brighton “Mailman” Chitanha was suspended early this year but was recently reinstated to his shift which had been renamed the “Mail Delivery Season 2′ and is on air every Tuesday from 3- 6 pm.

The humorous Dr Zobha, who hosted the Power FM breakfast show with DJ Squilla aka Tafadzwa Squilla, has also been reinstated.

It is understood that the dwindling advertising revenue after the two radio personalities were taken off the air, necessitated the move.

The duo will now host the Power FM Breakfast show on Tuesday and Friday while Bridgett Gavanga and DJ Munya (Mulimo) will host the same show on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Squilla told RadioVOP that it was great to be back on radio. When the radio personality was suspended he was reassigned to performing library duties in an effort to frustrate him. He initially threatened to resign but stayed on and was restricted to the most hated graveyard shift, which starts at 12 midnights.