Poor attendance at Chamisa’s rallies

Manicaland rallies Post Reporter
MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Advocate Nelson Chamisa got a rude awakening at his homecoming rallies after a disastrous trip to the United Kingdom when he held two poorly attended rallies in Manicaland Province last week.

The youthful Chamisa who has gained global fame for lying and making outrageous promises during his rallies was badly exposed on BBC’s Hard Talk programme. He addressed a paltry supporters at Murambinda growth point and Rukweza business centre in Makoni South.

Chamisa also arrived late for the Murambinda and Rukweza rallies.

In Murambinda, he continued with his outrageous promises when he said if elected he would immediately transform Murambinda Growth point into a very big city. He also said he was going to mortgage the country’s natural resources to companies that will construct roads.

“I was telling (Advocate Eric) Matinenga that I want to transform Buhera. I want to tell you that once we get into power Murambinda will be a big city. It will be Murambinda City. We want to expand a lot of places and I know some people will say it will not happen but it will happen.

“We want to sort out all the roads. We do not have money but we are going to invite foreign countries to sort the roads. We have 60 minerals; we can’t be behind Botswana, which has one diamond mine but their road network is super. We just say take these mines for a certain number of years and tar our roads. Kwete kuti muri baba vana vofa nenzara pamusha imi muine tunhu.

“It is not the role of the MP to maintain the roads, it’s Government’s responsibility,” said Chamisa.

There was a problem at the Rukweza rally when a sub standard PA system stopped working when Chamisa was addressing and efforts to sort it failed forcing him to address without one. His supporters could be heard shouting that they were not hearing anything.