History will record: Robert Mugabe delivered "Sovereignty" Into Jacob Zuma's Pockets

Unity government is about to deliver Zimbabwe’s sovereignty into the hands of Jacob Zuma; all thanks to Thabo Mbeki and the South African neo liberals who backed and brokered the unity deal. 
As I explained it back then, Gono had met with Mboweni to discuss the adoption of the Rand and the conditions laid down by the South Africans were daunting.
Zimbabwe, I told you back then, was required to suspend its own currency for at least six months. (They have done better, with Elton Mangoma, the minister of economic planning, revealing yesterday that the Zimbabwe Dollar has now been officially suspended for a whole year.)

The other condition was the provision of security of some sort for the deal. I passed on to you the information I got that Mugabe and his governor were seriously thinking of mortgaging the country’s mineral wealth for this.
It appears they have now settled on the Chiyadzwa diamonds (which were promptly banned and can’t now be sold on the open market). The South Africans will probably take them and certify them on a much larger scale than they have been doing now. (Yes, our diamonds have been certified on our behalf by the South Africans for some time now and they are sold in the market as originating from South Africa.
There is nothing much the international market can do to South Africa, seeing as it is the leading nation in diamond mining. A South African company, De Beers, has an international monopoly on diamonds and can manipulate the price to its own advantage if it felt hard done by.
South African Banks will soon be dominating our High Street Banking industry, all under the cover of "credit lines."
Then there was the issue of trust. The South Africans were not prepared to support budgetary allocations in Zimbabwe. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe would not be able to set monetary policy and would not be the lender of last resort for the government of Zimbabwe.

Hence, just like Biti then announced in his own budget revision last month, all budgetary money, to be disbursed to ministries for their operations, will now be housed at Treasury (meaning the Ministry of Finance) and not at the RBZ as was the case before.
Further, none of the money can be withdrawn by any ministry without the express consent of the Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti. And, of course, there was the minister’s Hunter-Gatherer budget, about which he himself said, "From now on, what we gather is what we eat." 

Please take note of the words he used……"…..What we eat." That is the whole point of this government, "to eat". Vari kuda kudya mari dzedu chete-chete.
But, to get back to the matter at hand: Most of the conditions for Zimbabwe to be Randified are now met.
Tendai Biti himself has also announced that all government accounts will be held in Rand and all accounting matters will also be Randified
We can now see the trend very clearly. The President of South Africa told the media earlier this year that he saw nothing wrong with Zimbabwe adopting the Rand as its official currency.

The Reserve Bank of South Africa itself refused to comment and only, tellingly, said no "official" approach has been made.

Basically, the possibility was thrown into the ring to gauge public reaction in South Africa. Public opinion having been prepared for the move, we are now seeing an inexorable march towards adopting the Rand openly, officially.
Then, Zimbabwe will forever be a colony again, a province of South Africa. What with the announcement last week that Zimbabweans would no longer need visas to visit South Africa (an announcement that was immediately disowned by the South African Ministry of Home Affairs on their website…). Then the there was the issue of working visas granted to Zimbabweans in South Africa, which came from nowhere.

We are ahead of the pack. Regional-integration-r-us. By the time Africa comes to be a united continent (United States of Africa, is what Gaddafi wants), we would have been one country for ages.

I bet the new mega-country combining Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho (who all already the use the South African Rand), Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique will be called…….All led by your truely Jacob Zuma! www.denfordmagora.blogspot.com