Herald Reporter
Delta Beverages, the bottling partner for Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe, has announced reductions in recommended retail price for some of its popular packs as the firm takes advantage of the recently introduced bond coins.The bond coins made change more readily available and more firms are expected to reduce prices of their products.

The prices have been knocked off by 10c across the board, with the 330ml and 350ml cans now costing 60c from 70c, the 1 litre is now US,40 from US,50, the 1,25l now costs US,65 from US,75. The 500ml PET will remain at the recommended price of US.

An on-going drive to improve operational efficiencies following the adoption of an integrated factory and the introduction of bond coins has enabled the group to reduce the recommended retail price.

The benefits of the cost saving measures are now being passed on to the consumers through price reductions.

The price reduction is with effect from Monday.