In response to Mutumwa Mawere the Chairman of the Confederation of Complainers

There are rumours that President Mugabe’s Spokesman George Charamba is the one who doctored the changes to the ICT Ministry, that is as false as the wide spread rumours that Mawere was victimised by ZANU PF in Zimbabwe. The problem with Mawere is the entitlement mentality, that he thinks he is entitled to everything that has come with the affirmative action, since he was one of the guys who authored foudations of the whole genesis of the affirmative action with some hands off approach…

This New Culture of victimisation is coming at the wrong time. Mawere has to start again, if he is to be taken seriously. Let him not pretend to know everything, but write his opinion not to have any authority over what he is not privillidged.

Mawere also pointed that the appointment of Dr Joseph Made, was a first sign to all reform minded to expect less from the inclusive Government. This is also as false as he misrepresented himself that he once owned Mashaba Mine or the fact that he is the brains behind the establishemnt of First Banking Corporation in Harare and in Kinshasa DRC.

Let us not look at people like Mr. Mawere and see Gold, yes, he made his money and only himself knows what he is worth, this is not public information.

He lost a Night Club in Johanesburg the same way he lost Mashaba Mine, the fact that it happened to him in Harare that does not mean to say that in South Africa it is all rose for him.

Mawere should be stopped from representing the Complainers`s club until proven innocent…

Let Mawere fly back if he knows that he is clean and be like Julias Mushore, the banker and David Butau who recently flew back into Zimbabwe.

Mawere told the Media that he was victimised because he refused to join ZANP PF, but if you look at the way he likes politics, even fools could be convinced that he is not a ZANU PF member.

Mawere is a ZANU PF Card carrying member , Born from a ZANU PF family and got Government Guarantees from a ZANU PF Government to establish his empire in the Region…..and the Guarantees he used to acquire Mashaba Mines were provided by a ZANU PF Government. Signed by President Mugabe who questioned his sincererity during the same period…..

Mawere had direct links to President Mugabe until, he was asked a few personal questions about his personal life , and he sensed the danger and he fled the country, and the reasons are known to himself, why he chidded from the promise he had made to the President….

These people must be quiet where ever they are, and if they wish President Mugabe dead they are wasting time, because, only God will take him……

Dr. Joseph Made is a technocrat, not Dr.Nkosana Moyo or Mawere. What impact has Mawere made in life, apart from just talking about attachements at World Bank , IMF etc. just like Nkosana Moyo…

You need to research about this man, Dr Joseph Made if you want to know what type of a breed he is.. we are not talking about people who are the darling of the microphone for no good reason. Lets talk substance gentlemen…

Dr Made fell out of favaour with the Media because of the Land Reform , not because he is not qualified in his field of speciality….

If you look at the Ministry of Agriculture, it has nothing to do with Land ownership or reform thereof. Whether the Land was acquired properly, improperly or is leased, Dr.Made is only in charge of the production not the land ownership, this is a sign to show that, it was not just by accident….

Visit farms now if you want to know what we are talking about, Mawere must stop talking about Zimbabwe like he visit there regulary. Not all farmers are producing that is correct, but that is a different Ministry that will handle that since , it will be a dispute….

Mawere knows everything and he should apply for land to farm. In South Africa we read recently there are farms that are under utilised, because they are failing to get people to take those farms, Mawere can make a fortune from the idle land…

How can someone who proclaim to be highly educated compare Nelson Chamisa and Dr. Joseph Made.

Mawere comes from the same rural home with Nelson Chamisa Gutu, and Zaka are one and the same thing, when we look on the tribal balance.

Ask people in the Government Circles about Dr Made, once you know his background, then you will not talk or write trash at any give opportunity.

President Mugabe has lined up people with Substance in this new Government, people who can equally square up at any given assignment…

Dr. Made did not come back to Zimbabwe because he had no job, but he had to come to Zimbabwe to save the Agriculture sector which was on the transformation rollercoaster. Look back at his good days at ARDA…

Yes, you can point at the negative publicity that characterised the Land Reform program, and victimise him because of that, but the truth is, you know from deep down, that without people like Dr.Made. Our National Basket will not be restored on time.

You think the President is a fool like you to sacrifice people like Dr.Made, the only best advice the President took was to drop your name from the list of people to appointed the Reserve Bank Governor….of Zimbabwe, and took Dr.Gono.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangiarayi has his powers as the Prime Minister, slightly more than what most Prime Minister in the world has.and of course more than what Mawere has in South Africa..

Inas much as you have your own influence elsewhere, Zimbabwe will emergy from the the economic down turn with out without Mawere.

The only powers that he does not posses is the power to instruct Minister Biti to get involved in the fight between, ZANU PF and Mawere.