Private media slammed

mahosoHebert Zharare Deputy News Editor
The private media has been slammed for alleging that Zanu-PF backtracked from “earlier threats” of expelling and recalling from Parliament 100 MPs reportedly linked to former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru when the public record shows the revolutionary party never took such a position.

Analysts yesterday said the claims were part of the Western-sponsored media’s grand plan to influence Zanu-PF to expel its legislators.

The media, the analysts said, was however, trying to punch above its weight in thinking it could set an agenda for Zanu-PF which had already announced its structures would remain as they were at the 6th Annual National People’s Congress last December.

NewsDay and The Daily News claimed that the alleged recall of the legislators would automatically force President Mugabe to dissolve Parliament and proclaim dates for fresh polls.

Zimbabwe Media Commission chief executive Dr Tafataona Mahoso said the private media, after realising that using the MDC formations to divide Zanu-PF had failed, was now trying to pit Zanu-PF members against each other.

“The DailyNews and NewsDay have been a platform for the MDC formations to destroy Zanu-PF with the support of their western masters. Now that the MDC is nothing and is no longer a challenge to Zanu-PF, they are looking for anything to attack Zanu-PF, members of the party included.

“Their agenda is to attack Government, attack the revolution and President Mugabe. Their agenda is anti- Zimbabwe, anti Zanu-PF and anything good that Zanu-PF has done for the country. The use of Zanu-PF people seems to be their new strategy,” he said.

Bulawayo-based analyst, Dr Lawton Hikwa, said the 6th National People’s Congress was meant to address the structures of the party and never was it raised that it was supposed to also affect the MPs.

He said President Mugabe and secretary for the Commissariat Cde Saviour Kasukurere, have made it clear that only Gumbo (Rugare) and Sibanda (Jabulani) were fired and the rest remained suspended until their cases were finalised.

“There is no single day the party said it was going to purge the 100 MPs. This means the MPs remain members of the party despite the fact that some of them lost their Central Committee seats. The private media is just speculating, but I do not see that happening. Media are just excited. However, I think Zanu-PF should also be proactive and explain everything that happens so that the media do not speculate,” he said.

A Chinhoyi University of Technology lecturer, who declined to be named, said the private media survived on chaos in Zanu-PF and Government and it is incumbent on the revolutionary party to ensure its house was always in order.

Mr Godwine Mureriwa concurred saying the so-called private media were fronting for western interests, bent on causing divisions in Zanu-PF.

He said Zanu-PF never said it was going to fire or expel any legislators, adding that President Mugabe made it clear that only former spokesperson Gumbo and ex-war veterans leader Sibanda were expelled. The rest remained suspended until their cases were heard and due process followed.

“This story is being created so that it causes more chaos and disharmony in the party so that people think that their colleagues are after them. However, the agenda will definitely not yield positive results for the benefactors,” he said.