Headmaster Cons Villagers, Does A Runner

Villagers from Chivi told RadioVOP that Hlatini approached village heads and told them that he wanted to sell maize to the people in the surrounding area sometime in January.

Almost every household even from as far as Razi paid a minimum amount of R150 for the quantity of maize bags they needed from the headmaster.

However, the headmaster kept telling people that he was waiting for the delivery of the maize. He continued to give excuses to the villagers from January until recently when villagers teamed up and threatened to ‘kill’ him.

More than 30 men from Chasiyatende village heavily armed with knobkerries and axes, went to Hlatini’s house on Sunday but the headmaster could not wait to discuss anything with them and he ran away.

Up to Wednesday, villagers did not know about Hlatini’s whereabouts.

Following their failure to locate the headmaster, villagers then reported the case to police at Ngundu in Chivi.

Acting Police Provincial Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tinaye Matake confirmed the report and said the police were still looking for the headmaster.

“We received that report and we are investigating the issue. It is true that the headmaster conned villagers but we are not very certain of the amount he took from them because villagers may exaggerate figures,” said Matake.

Most villagers in Chivi who were desperately looking for maize were conned by opinion leaders since last year. Chief Murinye and Chief Mugabe were also arrested for conning starving villagers.