Mbira DzeNharira to sample new songs


    Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent

    Harare’s Gijima Sports Bar will tonight host one of the finest mbira groups in the country, Mbira DzeNharira. The mbira group will be sampling some of their new tracks from their upcoming album. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Mbira DzeNharira’s lead mbira player Takawira Devera said they are looking forward to the show and promised fans new songs.

    He said they have not yet made any deal with a recording company but were working on something.

    “We have a number of songs ready for recording but its unfortunate that we are finding it difficult to find a recording company,

    “Despite that, we have done the songs and had rehearsed for Friday’s show where we will be sampling some of the new songs and these include “Zamu Raambuya”, “Karomo” and “Hombarume Vauya” among others,

    “We are also going to be playing some of our hits songs like ‘Dzikana Dzvuku’, ‘Matendera’ and ‘Magamba’,” he said.

    “The weather is warming up, making it ideal for those who want to have a good time. The Gijima venue is now like a home to us since we have been perfoming there for some time now.”

    The mbira outfit comprises of Chaka “Mukanya” Chakandika, a Karimba player, Clemence “Mbizi” Rice, a Nhovapasi bass mbira player, Takawira “Gushungo” Devera who plays the lead mbira, Assa “Mukanya” Wilson (percussion) and Tony Khumalo, who oversees the instruments.

    They are headed by traditionalist Tendai Gahamadze who is popularly known as Samaita. Over the years, they have managed to ignite different spots across the world with their timeless mbira music.