ZESA seeks to re-employ former workers

Electricity plays a crucial role in industry as it provides clean energy sources for production. Revamping the firm would assist in the country’s initiative to increase capacity utilization from the low levels of around 20 percent to the projected 60 percent by the end of the year.Electricity production has been at its lowest with regular power cuts being experienced not only by domestic users but industries also.

ZESA enjoys a natural monopoly, generating around 65 percent of the country’s electricity needs with the remainder being imported from the region especially Mozambique, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Because of this natural monopoly, Zesa has sector specific skills especially in engineering, has to turn to its former employees as it may not get the personnel from the job market in the country.

In a statement, Zesa invited former employees to apply for various posts within the firm. “Employment opportunities have arisen within the ZESA Group of Companies, comprising Zimbabwe Power Company, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission & Distribution Company, ZESA Enterprises and Powertel Communications.

“If you are an ex-ZESA employee who left employment for economic reasons and would like to re-join ZESA, please forward your curriculum vitae,” read the statement. A senior officer from Zesa told Business Zimbabwe that they have so far received favourable responses from former employees.

“I may not be able to give you the exact numbers but the response is quite positive. We are targeting various skills especially engineers and this is part of our turn around programme. “The responses we have received are not restricted to Zimbabwe alone as there are some people living in Europe who have also made enquiries,” said the officer.

Apart from recruiting former members of staff, the electricity generating has secured a US$10 million grant from some unnamed sources. Last week the minister of energy Engineer Elias Mudzuri announce that the power generating firm had secured a grant from some sources they were not at liberty to unveil.