Zhakata reveals gospel plans

Leonard Zhakata

Leonard Zhakata

Godwin Muzari Entertainment Editor—
Leonard Zhakata believes his return to the spotlight in the last quarter of 2014 and the resounding success of his album “Zvangu Zvaita” on local music charts are the fruits of his alignment to the Christian community. The musician is convinced that new fans he has made among Christians since his publicised “repentance” at Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church have brought good fortunes to his music career.

Fans have been overwhelmingly voting for Zhakata’s songs on awards and music chart platforms, propelling the musician to top spots ahead of other popular artistes.

His song “Dhonza Makomborero” won the Song of the Year award at Zimbabwe Music Awards and also scooped the top position at the Coca-Cola Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 charts.

His other songs, “Dollar Boy” and “Chapter Yerudo”, were on second and seventh position respectively on the annual charts.

While in previous interviews Zhakata refused to hint on the route of his future project following his new mission, the musician has revealed that he will work more for the Christian community, hinting that his next album would prioritise gospel songs.

“I know Christians played a major role in my success last year. Since I joined Prophet Makandiwa’s church I have been invited to take part at various other gospel functions in different denominations,” he said.

“I have worked well with various denominations and the feedback has been encouraging. I know most of those Christians voted for my songs although I am also certain that there were many of my traditional fans that are also behind my success.”

Zhakata said the support he is getting from the Christian community and his calling in the gospel sector will shape his next project.

“I will not forsake my traditional fans but my music will obviously take a new shape. In the past, I used to enjoy those peculiar social issues in the newspapers but my focus has now changed. When I buy a newspaper I just check the arts section because I am an artist. I now closely follow religious columns and I read Christian literature a lot. I also follow Prophet Makandiwa’s teachings religiously. The things that I now read and follow will shape my next compositions.”

Zhakata was speaking on the sidelines of his show at The Palace bar in Glen Norah last weekend.

The show was a celebratory event that saw the musician putting up a spirited performance.

He was in a good form and took fans down memory lane with his yesteryear hits that include “Mugove”, “Hupenyu Mutoro”, and “Maruva Enyika” before unleashing his hits from “Zvangu Zvaita”.

He also sampled new songs that showed his inclination to gospel music.