Parents in last-minute back-to-school shopping


    Diana Nherera Herald Reporter
    Harare was a hive of activity yesterday as parents made last minute shopping for their children in preparation for the 2015 first school term which begins today.Children at most boarding schools could also be seen at their usual pick up points in the city.

    Parents who spoke to The Herald complained that some schools had unilaterally increased fees, a move they said was not justified considering that the country was not in an inflationary environment.

    Some parents implored school authorities not to turn away children whose parents had not yet paid fees.

    Mr John Gondo said it was particularly difficult to raise the required school fees for his two children who are both boarders due to the liquidity challenges and made worse after the school increased fees from 0 last term to 5. It is never easy for parents when children go back to school as we have to pay school fees, which have gone up, buy schools uniforms and other requirements such as groceries,” he said.

    The operations director of Enbee, a city shop that sells school uniforms, Mr Evans Mangwiro, described business as good, but said there was a decrease in shoppers for this term.

    He said they came up with a credit facility to help parents without cash.

    Street vendors also registered brisk business selling stationary.