NUST exhibits PGM refinery

THE National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo (NUST) has showcased its Platinum Group Metal (PGM) refinery project at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair expected to reduce costs encountered in exporting raw ore to South Africa.


Nust spokesperson, Felix Moyo (pictured) said the beneficiation model project was in line with government’s value addition policy.
“The projects that we brought here as NUST are projects that are focused on improving the quality of life of Zimbabweans harnessing the benefits of our natural resources as a nation and not letting our natural resources benefit other people while we get a fraction,” he said.

“When our platinum mines process and crush their ores, melt it or smelt it up to concentrated phase they then take it outside the country to extract minerals. If we send platinum ore after extracting they only give us reports on platinum, but that concentrate would have gold, copper, and other minerals that they do not tell us about,’ he said.

“They make those minerals theirs because we said can you extract our platinum from here so now we would be doing it ourselves.”