JOMIC sources told Radio VOP on Friday that the three principals, President Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirayi, MDC-T, and Arthur Mutambara, the leader of the MDC-M violated the September 2008 agreement by appointing additional cabinet ministers instead of sticking to the numbers stipulated in the agreement.

“The three principals violated the (GPA) by appointing more ministers thanwhat is stipulated in the agreement. They appointed ministers of national healing from the three political parties, an arrangement which is not in the agreement.

As an implementation and monitoring arm of this agreement we summoned the three principals last month over this issue and we have alsoalready informed SADC about the issue,’ said a source in JOMIC  who refused to be named.

The sources said they had also taken to task the principals over political violence which have been attributed to all the three political  parties. “JOMIC has also briefed SADC through Mbeki, SADC chairperson South African President Montlante  and SADC executive secretary the incidences of political violence which have occurred in the country since the formation of the inclusive government.

Political violence is really a great concern to us and under the (GPA) the parties have pledged to stop any form of political violence,’ added the source.

When reached for comment JOMIC member who is also the Deputy MDC- T nationalspokesperson Tabitha Khumalo said, ‘Right now I am attending a meeting. Why can’t you get in touch with other committee members?"
JOMIC is chaired on rational basis by the three political parties.