Their details were submitted two months ago to the Commission headed by ZANU PF’s Mariyawanda Nzuwa to be on government payroll but no action has since been taken.

A source at the MDC-T said that the public service was notified of the appointments and confirmation is needed from the department so that the 10 are entered into the payroll.

When the Prime Minister’s office sent the names, the Public service demanded that the 10 need to have degrees as qualification. "Fortunately all the ten had degrees and the public service said they now want CVs of the ten but up to now nothing has been done," the source said.

This has been viewed as an attempt by ZANU PF hardliners who want to frustrate the All Inclusive government for various grievances. "Most of them felt left out and insignificant when the All Inclusive Government was formed and they are still trying their all to reverse it," he added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s office has refused to accept four 4X4 vehicles from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono. Gono reportedly allocated the vehicles but the Prime Minister ordered that the vehicles be returned because it is not Gono’s job to allocate vehicles.

"The Prime Minister’s argument was that there is a specific body responsible for dispensing cars to members of government, which is the CMED, and it is not Gono’s job to distribute cars," said Tafara Chiroma a CMED vehicle allocation official.

Gono is said to have been shocked to discover the cars parked at the Reserve Bank headquarters after they were snubbed. (Africa News)