Government to Revisit Outstanding Issues Next Week – Prime Minister

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara insist that the reappointment of Gono as governor of the central bank and Tomana as AG by President Robert Mugabe, were done outside the confines of the Global Political Agreement.

Speaking at the official opening of the Ministerial Retreat in Victoria Falls on Friday, Tsvangirai said the government had a number of burning issues to tackle this coming week, among them the issue of Provincial governors, Permanent Secretaries and Ambassadors.

“There are still outstanding issues that should have been resolved at the formation of this government. As defined by both the GPA and the Constitution of Zimbabwe, these issues must be resolved by the leadership of government, which comprises the President and Vice Presidents, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers.

“This body will meet in the coming week to address the outstanding issues which include, but are not limited to the swearing in of the Provincial Governors, the appointment of the Governor of the Reserve Bank and the Attorney General, the appointment of Permanent Secretaries and Ambassadors and the ongoing land disputes and disruption of agricultural activities,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that the inclusive government would only succeed if the leadership followed the GPA.

“The clarity of the GPA and the Constitution mean that if we abide by them, these issues can be resolved immediately. In doing so, we will prove to the international community that we are genuine and serious about restoring Zimbabwe to its rightful place in the family of nations.

We still have a long way to go in rebuilding our health and education systems, which will require significant capital investment if we are to meet our obligations to the people,” he said.

He however said he was pleased that the new government has started to give people hope and had managed to open hospitals and schools, tame hyperinflation, lower prices of basic commodities and rationalise utility tariffs.

“We have started paying civil servants a monthly allowance to allow the public sector to begin working again and to provide an essential stimulus to the economy”, he said.