Women in business consortium plans luncheon

BULAWAYO-BASED women empowerment group, Dream Achievers, has organised a ladies’ luncheon next month to enable local female entrepreneurs to interact with their peers who have made it in the male-dominated business sector.


Dream Achievers spokesperson, Imelda Moyo said the one-day event was aimed at transforming local female entrepreneurs’ business mind-sets.

“I am confident to say that this is one of the events that we are looking forward to as Dream Achievers. I am confident that most women aspiring to succeed in their businesses will benefit from presentations and discussions that will be made,” she said.

“The major reason why Dream Achievers was established was to create a platform for women to interact with other women who are making it in life.

“We have so many women who desire to have successful business ventures and it is at such platforms were they will get knowledge on how to be successful women in today’s society, despite the challenges associated with being a woman in business.”

Moyo said the luncheon will be graced by lawyer, Vivianna Mutsago, labour relations consultant, Gladys Mpemba and Service Captains founder Patience Phiri.

She said topics to be discussed will cover women’s legal rights, being your sister’s keeper and running a successful business.

“This event is exclusively for women and we encourage women to come in numbers and support each other, share ideas and mould each other because it is every woman’s duty to see to it that the next person is excelling in whatever they are doing,” she said.

Moyo said registration fees are pegged at $20 per person.

“We have limited tables for the luncheon and as we are looking at a guest list of about 150 people. The sooner you register the better because you are guaranteed of chair, at the high profile event,” she said.