Coltart Unearths Massive Corruption at ZIMSEC

In an interview, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ)’s national treasurer Laudious Zunde, said Coltart revealed in a stakeholders meeting held Tuesday, that the examination payment schedule forwarded to him by ZIMSEC had a lot of irregularities and he had ordered a thorough audit before disbursing payments.

"It is true that the Minister discovered that the list was fraught with suspicious names and it also vindicates the suspicion that we have always had that a lot of fishy things are going on at ZIMSEC with regards to markers fees.

"When the minister requested the payment schedule for the markers, he discovered that there were a lot of ghost markers, inflated figures and names of other ZIMSEC employees who are not examiners at all," said Zunde.

Zunde said some markers names were listed more than once under different identification numbers and that an emended schedule had to be resubmitted to the minister.

"The minister was not actually forthcoming about what he intends to do about this massive corruption. But we hope the sooner it is investigated the better and the happier we will be as well. I think he is going to do something about it because at out meeting on Tuesday we impressed upon him that this incident must be reported to the police," he said.

Zunde said the minister had assured them that all markers would soon be paid after noting that the delay in paying them had been caused by the payment schedule irregularities, which the ministry wanted to rectify.

"We got the assurance from the minister as well as confirmation that some Ordinary Level markers were already in the process of getting their payment through Stanbic Bank. We are quite sure that the markers will receive their payment but we are also aware that the minister has a mountain to climb," he said. RadioVOP