Of Genius and his Davido ‘All Black’ Party

Of Genius and his Davido ‘All Black’ Party

Robert Mukondiwa
Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure is a high roller.
The splurging socialite is known for pulling all the stops when it comes to living the high life and ensuring everybody, including the dead lying stone cold in the morgue, notice how he lives life to the fullest.

The highlight has always been his all white parties which have been punctuated by private jets, champagne, caviar, yachts and everything that spells bling and a little bit more.
This year he is even bringing along Davido.

Assuming the usually dark history of the fellow and 2 Kings Entertainment doesn’t go south as it always does. They are superb failures at bringing that show to life. Like Satan breathing into a ball of soil. Unlike the true creator he achieves nothing. Satan cannot give life much like 2 Kings cannot give life to a Davido show.

The elusive Nigerian who like an eel has always pledged to come fulfil a show and has only been seen on posters! But for his own birthday gift, Genius has stepped in to give the kiss of life to that show! The party will go on it seems.

And what is a party without cake? Lots and lots of expensive cake to celebrate his birthday annually among friends who no doubt stuff the sweet stuff in their mouths.

But there is a sorry story of someone who not only is not invited to the table but does not even have access to crumbs that fall off the table from Ginimbi’s splurges; a soon-to-turn 7-year-old son who he sired with a long lost woman whose heart and apparent bank balance he broke before he pulled a runner and never returned.

The boy turns 7, and like the epic case of Eddie Murphy, who had a child by former Spice Girl Melanie ‘‘Mel B’’ Brown and ran off, genius has learnt the habit as well.

After sowing his wild oats, the only memory he has of the woman is the backyard poor-people-plan tattoo he had, presumably with a hot wire torn off a high-density suburb fence which he carries on his arm.

He has even tried to delete any memories of that as the name of the woman, Miye, which he had inscribed, has now been tediously erased leaving an awkward word ‘‘Mine’’ instead!

Genius was coy to speak about his abrogation of paternal duties, preferring not to comment on the issue of his long lost child whom he has neglected, while the woman in question, a child of a prominent business tycoon from Gutu-Mpandawana, known as Miye Madondo, decided to also go mum on her heartbreak.

But he did ask if there was any problem with the issue of the child, being the closest he has come to confirming that he indeed does have a mini-Genius around somewhere.

In a genius move as his name suggests, Ginimbi reportedly recently hooked up with his ‘‘baby mama’’ and threw a few trinkets and morsels her way, meeting her recently, when he caught wind of the fact that the media was on his case.

This was presumably to capitalise on the naivety and feign genuine interest while in fact pulling a media P.R stunt to save his endangered reputation.

Miye refused to talk about her fall out with Genius owing to recent overtures by him to her, a source revealed.
“The two had a major fall out with Genius not wanting anything to do with the child whatsoever despite repeated efforts to make his play the role of father in the boy’s life,” said a source close to Genius.

However, the serial splurger, who now is in another presumed union with business guru Zodwa Mkandla, is also said to have leeched on the erstwhile wealth of Miye’s life and used the same to start various businesses around gas and energy before abandoning her when her pockets had dried up.

“As soon as she became poorer he left her and it turned out that the businesses, outside of Miye’s knowledge, were in fact registered to Genius’ name and overnight Miye was left with nothing,” added the source.

In a recent spat with South African based business mogul Mutumwa Mawere, Genius was accused of being a leech, who had asked for financial assistance from Mawere after which he also went AWOL and never paid back a penny, only to resurface as a well-heeled high spending force on social media platforms.

Mawere went on to openly castigate Genius for being an alleged lowlife, insisting that he ought to settle debts and not splurge and be a show off on social media. This was after another socialite, Wicknell Chivayo, had also taken aim at Genius for also not being true to himself. His grammatical abilities, or lack thereof, were also not spared in the onslaught.

“The fact is Genius should own up and accept his child not only to play to the media gallery but as any responsible father should. It is in his best interest to be a good father. He can play the role of high roller without let but only after being a good father,” said the source.

As it turns out, if he were to host a party which reflects the colour of his heart towards his son, then indeed Genius should this time around host an all-black party!

So if you find yourself at Ginimbi’s birthday at the Davido show. Presuming Davido actually makes it. And if you are about to bite into that expensive cake, spare a thought for his son who turns 7 in July and wrap a little slice of the expensive cake and toss it into your bag.

It is the best you can do for an abandoned child who has been relegated to a beggar on a beach of gold!