Night of merrymaking at Longchen Plaza

Night of merrymaking at Longchen PlazaMbeu

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Three venues at Longchen Plaza in Belvedere will tonight host different artistes in shows that appeal to various fans. It will be a night of jazz, rhumba and hip-hop as Bar Rouge, Club 1+1 and Food Nest bring artistes to their places.

Bar Rouge hosts  Jabavu Drive, Mbeu
Bar Rouge will be a hive of activity again this weekend when Jabavu Drive performs at the venue tonight while Mbeu and his Mhodzi Tribe take over entertainment tomorrow.

Jabavu Drive’s shows at Bar Rouge have given the granddads of jazz a platform to meet their fans every Friday.

The experienced jazz band that has its backbone on horn instruments expertly blown by Philip Svosve and Aaron Yafele is one of the outstanding crews of the genre.

The venue is usually packed to capacity on Fridays as people enjoy old skool classics that the group plays according to fans’ requests.

They play local and international yesteryear hits that excite their mature audiences.

After tonight’s show, Mbeu will be at Bar Rouge tomorrow. He will share the stage with new jazz group Black Jacks.

Mbeu has performed at Bar Rouge several times and he is expected to make an impact when he returns tomorrow night.

He has been one of the most active youngsters on the local scene, holding a number of shows every week.

Such activity has sharpened his stage performance and he has been able to get shows from various organisations.

His manager Eugine Museredza said they are working hard to build the young musician’s brand.

“He has great potential and he is a hard worker.

“ We are working towards building his brand and we know he will make it in the near future. We bank on performances at places like Bar Rouge to build a following of executives,” said Museredza.

Pitshou Lumiere

Diamond returns to Food Nest
Rhumba group Diamond Musica will be in second week of their slot at Food Nest tonight. The slot was launched last week and they will perform at the place every Friday.

Last week the venue attracted a mature crowd that gave a different feel to a show that was happening in the adjacent Club 1+1 where Killer T was launching his album.

Both shows attracted good attendances for their respective genres.

After the successful launch of the Friday rhumba nights Food Nest management believes the slot will attract followers of the genre that no longer had a consistent venue.

Diamond Musica leader Pitshou Lumiere said they were happy with last week’s attendance and they are looking forward to a bigger crowd tonight.

“We have new songs that are doing well at our shows.

“We saw some of the avid rhumba followers coming to Food Nest last week and they were happy with what they saw.

“They promised to bring other fans this week and we are headed for a good night,” said Pitshou.

A spokesperson of Food Nest said they have prepared a programme that will run for some months in order to make the rhumba nights fantastic.

“We will complement the music with other activities that will make rhumba followers excited. We spoke to people that came last week and we have an idea of what they want. We will definitely do what they want to make memorable rhumba experiences every Friday,” said the spokesperson.


Takura launches album at Club 1+1
Award winning hip-hop musician Takura is finally launching his debut album titled “Someone Had To Do It” tonight at Club 1+1.

The 18-track album has been making waves on social media platforms.

It has songs “Ndakabva Kujecha”, “Ngoro Yemoto”, “Mandebvu”  “Chihwitsi Chemoyo”, “Mari Ine Mumvuri” and “Ita Yauri Kuita” among others.

Speaking in an interview, Takura said the album carries a motivational message that encourages people to take risk and live a fulfilling life.

“I am challenging my fans to go out there, live their dreams and do what makes them happy.

“ If you are not going to try, then who will? Somebody has to do it and it is you. Fans can expect the album of the year,” said Takura

He added that the album is a mixture of soulful melodies as well as hip-hop tunes.

“I am showing my versatility as an artist both the singer melody type person and the big hip hop guy that people have grown to love.

“I am hoping to push it to the international realm as a pan African artist and am looking forward to collaborate with other artists outside the country,” said Takura.

On this project, he collaborated with a number of artists including Junior Brown, Ccicci, Rachel Makaranga and Iare.

The album launch will be graced by an array of artists including Junior Brown, DJTowers, Stunner and Iam King