The former Spice Girl is currently rehearsing for Las Vegas burlesque production Peepshow and was shocked when her spouse Stephen Belafonte urged her to flash more flesh.

She told Closer magazine: "I wear a ringmaster outfit with a coat, knee high boots and a corset. When my husband saw the other dancers running around with hardly any clothes on he said, ‘Melanie, you need to take some more clothes off.’

"I’m wearing the tiniest thong and fishnets! If they’d told me I would be doing this a few weeks ago I would have screeched, ‘Hell no!’ "

The 33-year-old singer will star as Peep Diva and don a range of sexy outfits during the cabaret show, which opens next week.

Mel, who has been married to music producer Stephen since June 2007, has also revealed she enjoys a passionate marriage because her husband can’t get enough of her shapely curves.

She added: "He describes my bum like two cherries – so why not show it off!

"I’ve got big thighs and a big bum but I love my womanly body! The secret to my stacked abs is that I do 600 sit-ups every day."