Lucky Dube Accused Attempt Escape from Prison

The two, Mbuti Mabe and S’fiso Mhlanga, tried to make their escape in the prisoners off-loading zone at the court on the final day of their trial.

Judge Seun Moshidi was expected to finalise his judgment today.

When they were taken into the parade room from the prisoner drop-off zone, and on their way to the holding cells, Mabe and Mhlanga tried to escape through a window at about 7.25am.

Mhlanga is the accused who allegedly fired the shots that killed Dube.

The two used a broken bottle to repeatedly stab police officer Inspector Gideon Mathonsi who was guarding them. Mathonsi was later rushed to an unspecified hospital having sustained severe cuts to both upper and lower legs as well as his lips.

The two, who were being held at the Johannesburg Prison known as Sun City, tried to use a brick to fight their way out of the prisoners’ area but were subdued by police officers who claimed to have used "minimum force".

The accused, however, appear to have been severely assaulted and taken to the holding cells as the walls and floor of the facility were covered in blood. A window was also smashed.

Mabe and Mhlanga were taken to an unspecified hospital for medical treatment.

It is unclear whether Judge Moshidi will continue with the final day of his judgment today. The matter may be postponed.

The third member of the gang that allegedly killed Dube, Ludwa Gxowa, was on his way to court and in the custody of police when his co-accused tried to escape. (The Times)