Our New Look Website and Our New Brilliant Forum

The new look design is part our deliberate market readjustment, to move with trend in terms of layout, navigation and presentation.

We therefore, hope this is a step in the right direction. We have trudged this road together from the begining, and we know you want quality.

We give you quality, but again, we will never claim to be Zimbabwe’s biggest online news. We leave that to others, and hence we remain modest and focused on our product development and keeping up with the trend.

We would like to thank our designer Samuel Musarika, who has worked tirelessly in the last couple of days to make this project a success, albeit without any disruptions to our service and also our thumps up to The Zimbabwe Mail staff for playing their brilliant team effort.

We also announce the unveiling of our new look forum, however, the forum will go through some tweaking and access changes in the next 24 hours. (Click here and register)

Thank you

Managing Editor

Lewis Nyatwa


Phone: 44 078 998 5699