Mnangagwa fails to turn up for court

State prosecutor Benson Taruvinga yesterday said: "We have been having difficulties with the witness….I will liaise with my superiors."

This was despite assurances that the Minister, a State witness, would appear on Tuesday.
Defence lawyer Itayi Ndudzo was agitated by Mnangagwa’s absence and said if he fails to turn up by next Friday, the State should proceed with the case.

"One of my clients is very ill. He cannot just continue coming to court," Ndudzo said.
Magistrate Lillian Kudya told the prosecution she would be resigning from the bench soon and wanted to conclude the matter before she leaves.

It is the State’s case that Jeffrey Tabva, a former Central Intelligence Organisation operative and Andrew Raymond Williams connived to prejudice the GMB of 720 x 50 kg bags of urea fertilizer, over 30 000kgs of flour, more than 70 metric tonnes of mealie-meal and 600x50kg bags of silo mealie-meal saying they had been sent by among other senior ZANU-PF official, Mnangagwa. 

The loot was to prop up ZANU-PF’s election campaign last year.