Robert Mugabe is demanding MDC to drop Bennett

The latest in the long line of the scoops I have given you to be proved right is the story that Mugabe wants Roy Bennett to be withdrawn as the MDC nominee for Deputy Minister of Agriculture. 
The latest in the long line of the scoops I have given you to be proved right is the story that Mugabe wants Roy Bennett to be withdrawn as the MDC nominee for Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
This scoop I gave you in the article entitled: Roy Bennett Must Be Withdrawn, which I published here on Thursday, March 5 2009.
Well, SWRadio have now independently confirmed this, with an MDC source telling them exactly what I told you. My source was within ZANU PF. When I got the news, I contacted friends in the Prime Minister’s office. I remember very clearly that I spoke on the phone with one of the Prime Minister’s very close aides only a couple of hours before the crash that killed Mrs Tsvangirai.
In that scoop I published on March 5, I wrote: Mugabe considers it an insult to have to swear the man into the office of Deputy Minister of Agriculture. And I am sure that unless and until Morgan Tsvangirai agrees to withdraw Bennett’s nomination for the Agriculture ministry, the MDC Treasurer-General is in for the Long-haul.

Yesterday, SW Radio published the story, which can be found here. This is coming a full 20 days after I published the scoop here. The radio station says:
According to MDC officials, Mugabe told a cabinet caucus on Monday that he will not swear in Bennett, claiming he is facing serious charges. This is despite the fact that the President swore in some MDC officials such as Minister Eric Matinega, who also still faces trumped up political.

During the meeting, it’s alleged that Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara asked Mugabe what would happen if Bennett was acquitted. Mugabe is reported to have said, "He will ever be acquitted."
So, I am proved right yet again.

Throughout this Bennett ordeal, I have stated time and again that the Prime Minister is mistaken to defend Mugabe as he is now doing, telling the Guardian, "Mugabe is not the problem. It is others." He has swallowed the tripe that Chiwengwa and some "hardliners" in ZANU PF are the ones doing all these nasty things in order to scuttle the agreement and the coalition government.
I have said repeatedly that these army guys and what Tsvangirai and the MDC call "ZANU PF hardliners" are not the ones calling the shots. Mugabe is. The biggest hardliner in ZANU PF, I have said, is Mugabe himself.
This confirmation of my scoop is yet another validation of the reliability of my sources, who tell me that the president simply want the MDC to fix the economy and then he will part ways with Tsvangirai and go back to his old ways. But Biti and Tsvangirai seem to think, as Biti has said, "we have now seen a side of President Mugabe we never knew. He spoke like a father."

There is a critical question that needs to be answered here. What exactly does the MDC and especially Prime Minister Tsvangirai, think they will achieve in an atmosphere like this? MDC supporters have left comments and messages here saying: "Because of the immense suffering of the people….." the MDC decided to go into government.
This assumes that the MDC going into government means the people’s suffering will be lessened or ended. Now we know this is not the case. The people themselves are now complaining heavily that their problems seem to have actually worsened as a result of this government.
Perhaps the MDC have a death wish. Because they will certainly suffer a political death as a result of the developments within this coalition. The suffering of the people will not be lessened by this new govenment at all.

Already, the USA, the EU and Britain have said sanctions will remain in place and they will not give any aid to Zimbabwe.

The truth of the matter is that these donor countries have now also written off Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC. They have decided that the MDC, with its behaviour in government, where it is implementing ZANU PF policies despite being given the mandate by Mugabe to formulate and implement new policies, is simply another ZANU PF.
So, with no aid, with his friends deserting him and refusing to help bolster the image of the MDC with its supporters and voters, Tsvangirai and Biti still insist that they will not pull out of government? 
To what end?
It really is no exaggeration that the MDC is facing political death because of the way they are now identifying themselves with ZANU PF. The world watches and sees this and decides to wash its hands of Zimbabwe. Britain has been very quiet, simply letting their silence tell the MDC what they think of the new arrangement.
The problem is that, the voters in Zimbabwe have also lost any belief they had that the MDC could magically change things through its Western friends if it came to power.
The result may be that they will look for a third party to support or simply decide to abandon all hope that the ballot box can bring any change to Zimbabwe.
This time, the MDC can not blame Mugabe for the ills facing the people. They are now in government and the failures of this government are their and Mugabe’s failures together.
I really do not expect any MDC supporters to engage this issue. They always go very quiet when their party is exposed as a fraud visited on the people of Zimbabwe. It will be same this time around: no comment from MDC supporters.
But that does not remove the people’s anger and frustration. As one young man said yesterday (in a Kombi, of all places), "we will meet the MDC at the next election, and then they will see what we do to them."