Robert Mugabe is back in the U.N radar

A sanctions resolution against Zimbabwe failed in the Council in July after China and Russia protested against the decision.

The superpowers such as its former colonial masters and the united States, view Zimbabwe as a failed state that threatens not only the lives of Zimbabweans, but the security and stability of the southern Africa region.

The United Kingdom suggests the best way of dealing with this situation in Zimbabwe is to punish President Robert Mugabe with sanctions.

However, the a few African countries, mainly the South African government and its allies, the Chines and the Russians say, not when the African leaders are still handling the crisis in search of a negotiated political settlement.

With the power sharing talks still struggling for progress, the Security Council has now asked the UN Special Envoy to Zimbabwe, Haile Menkerios to present a detailed report on the status of these Zimbabwe talks.

With the mediator now returning to Zimbabwe this week, apparently to re-energize the difficult power sharing negotiations, some members of the Security Council are understood to be seeking other ways to pressure Mugabe’s government to end the violence in his country and to engage in serious negotiations.