Zimondi retracts anti Tsvangirai Statement

One of the Commanding Officers who attended the meeting said Zimondi told them to stop victimising junior officers forthwith as the inclusive government was the only way forward.

“The commissioner told us that we should forget what happened in June 2008 because it was done for political reasons adding that we should inform our subordinates that the inclusive government is the only way of reconstructing the rundown nation and the ZPS,” said a Commanding Officer who declined to be named.

He said the commissioner noted with concern the continuous victimization of junior officers within the organization and reminded the senior officers that the time for such behaviour was over and that his anti Tsvangirai statements uttered last year were no longer valid.

“He also told us that the inclusive government is a reality and victimization should stop as it compromises development as stated in the GPA,” added the Commanding Officer.

Zimondi is on record as having said he would retire if Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the presidential election in last year’s March harmonized election.

“I would rather retire and go farming if Tsvangirai is elected President because I would have difficulty saluting a person who did not go to war,” Zimondi was quoted as having said last year while addressing Prison Officers in Harare.