This is but a far cry from the flamboyant and highly successful upcoming industrialist he was in the early 1990s when he ran a thriving company on Lot 1of Willowvale in Harare’s Southerton heavy industrial area.

But Bobby as he is affectionately called by many of his sympathizers, has a sad tale to tell- a tale from which one easily comes to terms with the cruelty and reality of the deliberately calculated official bungling, if not open thievery and corruption, that ordinary Zimbabweans have come to learn and accept as being the way they are ruled by many of President Robert Mugabe’s senior officials since independence in 1980.

It all began when in 1994 when Bobby, wanting to expand his thriving business-Harare Car Breakers Repairs and Handiwork and Associated Rehabilitation Industries which, ironically, he formed targeting assisting President Mugabe’s Zanla combatants who had been injured and deformed in the war, sought and was granted a small loan of half a million dollars by the State owned Zimbabwe Banking Corporation (ZimBank).

After failing to meet his monthly repayments, the bank attached his factory. Maparanyanga, however, successfully negotiated with the bank to stop the sale.

Its lawyers, Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans instructed Zimbabwe’s then Deputy Sheriff, Charles Nyatanga to stop the auction of the factory, but he went ahead despite the instructions by the law firm.

An affidavit by a senior partner, Dickson Mundia in our possession clearly confirms that he did instruct the Sheriff to stop the sale in execution of the immovable property but the Deputy Sheriff ignored it contrary to normal legal procedure.
His argument was that he went ahead with the sale because, another financial institution, Stanbic, had notified him of its participation in the execution and had filed with him its participating writ.

The property was, however, instead sold to Michael Scot Asher.

Despite this matter having been reported to the police for investigation over allegations of possible corruption, Nyatanga has never been made to answer any charges.

Unconfirmed reports say he allegedly enjoys the protection of some Zanu (PF) top mandarins.
Nyatanga denies his conduct in proceeding with the sale was irregular.

He said he acted in terms of rule 327 of the High Court Rule 1971 because Stanbic had indicated that it wanted to participate in the proceeds of the sale.

He, however, failed to explain why Stanbic was in the end not paid anything from the proceeds of the sale as it does not appear on the distribution plan, a fact which independent legal sources said was evidence enough to justify the possibility of foul play, collusion and corruption.

And Bobby has been to every office and everywhere, including the highest office in the land-that of President Mugabe himself seeking redress for the "theft" of his property.

He says he will continue his lone fight and will not rest until he meets President Mugabe himself.
And everyday he is by his office hoping one day justice will prevail.

Bobby is also planning to engage Zimbabwe’s new Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, who heads the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) political movement.

Former State television journalist and now Mugabe’s Principal Private Secretary, Lawrence Kamwe, could not have better summarized Bobby’s determination when he, in a letter dated 14 June 2002 to the then Secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, David Mangota wrote:

"This appeal (to resolve the issue) is made in the light of the fact of Mr Maparanyanga making Munhumutapa Building (which houses the offices of President Mugabe) his semi-residence while he awaits replies to his correspondence".