Mudzuri announces new electricity and fuel tariffs

Minister of Energy and Power Development Elias Mudzuri, said with effect the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) will charge an average tariff level of 7,53 US cents per KWhr.

"My decision was motivated by the need to ensure energy security and hence sustain the current momentum on our short term economic turnaround programme, given the pervasive nature of electricity in the economy and the downside risks associated with tariff increases," said Mudzuri.

He said after the adjustments the individual monthly bills will attract US$6 for consumption of 50kWhrs whereas the consumption of 420kWhrs will attract a bill of US$28.

"As the current electricity availability position remains constrained across all sectors of the economy where demand of the commodity outstips supply, I urge Zimbabweans to play their part in conserving electricity at all times," he said.

The ministry last month directed ZESA not to disconnect consumers until agreed tariffs are pronounced and ordered domestic consumers to pay a minimum of US$10.

Mudzuri also announced the prices of fuel he said were reached at after consultations with the oil industry and taking into account changes in the prices of fuel on the international market.

"The agreed prices are US 85 cents per litre for diesel, US 95 cents per litre of petrol and US 80 cents per litre for Jet A1 and paraffin. The agreed prices recognize the need to make diesel, which is an input in production, as affordable as possible, in order to stimulate the economic production in all sectors of the economy," added Mudzuri.

He urged all fuel importers to import fuel through the National Procurement Committee and use the pipeline for fuel coming from Beira and the rail for fuel coming from South Africa.